The method of measuring the output of BS/CS converter using handheld real time signal analyzer will be introduced.


Connection block diagram
Figure:Connection block diagram


  • The satellite signal of 12GHz band is converted to IF frequency from 1.5 to 2GHz by BS · CS antenna / converter.
  • Bias Tee will convert the impedance from 50Ω at spectrum analyzer side to 75Ω at antenna side, and also supply the power to BS/CS converter.
  • Bias Tee is supply the power from the external. The polarization plane of the antenna can be changed by switching the voltage of 11/15V.
  • The time response of frequency and power can be observed using the spectrogram function of signal analyzer.
    Photo:Observation of spectrum change
  • Similarly, the temporal variation of power and phase will be observed using the time domain function. The figure below shows the time response of power.
    Graph:Example of amplitude fluctuation

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer[MSA538] x 1
Bias Tee [PD264] x 1
DC power supply 11/15V x 1
Cables x 1

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