Displaying the frequency spectrum of the target channel to be measured by utilizing the strong point of wide span.
=> The improvement of the receiving environment will be performed by checking the impact of the flying or ingress noise and also the receiving level.


By knowing the receiving state and leaving the history, it will become easy to propose the maintenance of TV viewing facilities and the exchange of coaxial cables in the apartment.

Furthermore, when installing parabolic antenna or booster, it is also possible to determine the receiving direction of the antenna.


Clarify the TV frequencies targeted and then record the current status of this frequency band using “SAVE function” of MSA400/300 series.


  • ⅠAnalog to digital conversion (until the end of March,2015)
    ex.) Low band (for terrestrial analog VHF)
    Graph:Low band (for terrestrial analog VHF)
  • ⅡFrequency conversion pass-through (digital terrestrial)
    ex.) Channel number 011 => Transmission channel C24
    from Channel number 011 to Transmission channel C24

② BS/110°C CS

ex.) Parabolic antenna (Fixation of a receiving angle at the time of antenna installation)
Parabolic antenna (Fixation of a receiving angle at the time of antenna installation)

*System configuration depends on measuring object or application.
Also, please check the configuration of transmission channel at the time of frequency conversion pass-through because it will depend on each station.

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer [MSA438] x 1
Adapter MA308 N(P)/BNC(J) 50Ω/75Ω x 1

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