Optimum for field measurement, maintenance and troubleshooting of smart network wireless system (920 MHz band, 2.4 GHz band).


  • When installing the concentrator, it is necessary to measure and investigate the radio wave environment of the installation location. The spectrum analyzer is used to measure the electric field strength. It is also useful for measuring the occupied frequency band and transmission power of the access point on the pole.
  • When finding out the deterioration cause of communication quality, it is necessary to investigate other radio waves and noise which may interfere. The disturbance radio waves that occur irregularly can be acquired more efficiently by using a real time spectrum analyzer.
  • Our handheld signal analyzer (real time spectrum analyzer) MSA500 series can measure in various fields such as dense building area and high place because of compact size, light weight and battery driven. For electric field strength measurement only, the spectrum analyzer MSA400 can also be used.
  • The various measurement functions such as time domain analysis and electric field strength measurement are useful for maintenance and early resolution of troubles in the field.


  • Graph:The electric field strength measurement
    [The electric field strength measurement]

    Graph:At the time of radio wave survey
    [At the time of radio wave survey]

  • Photo:Measurements image
    [Measurements image]

System configuration

3.3GHz Handheld signal analyzer [MSA538]
Lithium-ion battery [MB400]

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