It is possible to perform measurement and analysis automatically by merely running the measurement point.


The amount of information and diversity to be treated on highway are increasing owing to the wireless information technology every year. Not only the fee payment information at ETC toll gate, but also the various informations are treated with such systems as VICS, ITS spot and FF.

When the program measurement mode of an electric field strength measurement system ME9200 is used, the troublesome changes of such as antenna frequency and modulation type during travel are unnecessary.

That is, when the informations of antenna location, frequency and modulation type are inputted into a program file in advance, the measurement and analysis can be automatically performed during travel of a measurement point.


Figure:Measurement point and moving car


Measurement start point [km]:20.0

1Measurement Point 124.524.734.85.805QPSK
2Measurement Point 237.437.637.75.795ASK
3Measurement Point 331.631.831.95.805QPSK

Products introduction

ETC / ITS Spot Electric Field Strength Measurement System ME9200

ME9200 makes possible to measure the electric field strength of the signal radiated from ETC or ITS spot in a short time. With this system, after measuring the electric field strength distribution of the ETC/ITS spot with operation wave or CW in a short time, the electric field strength graph and the map diagram are created.

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