What’s spectrum analyzer?

Basic instruments for signal observation

  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Oscilloscope
  • Either is selected based on observation signal.


Appeal points of MSA500 (1/2)

Offering conventional sweep system and real tim e system based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

  • By using the strong point of each system, the appli cation range spreads markedly.
  • The world’s first handheld signal analyzer with two systems.

Four analysis functions in real time system

  • Spectrum analysis
  • Spectrogram analysis
  • OverWrite analysis
  • Time domain analysis・・・ Power vs Time・Frequency vs Time・Phase vs Time・IQ vs Time・Q vs I

Powerful trigger function (real time system)

  • Channel power trigger
  • Power trigger
  • IF level trigger
  • External trigger

Measurement and data collection in field

  • Compact 162(W) x 71(H) x 265(D)mm
  • Lightweight 1.8kg (including battery)
  • Four-hour battery operation
  • Storage into USB memory

Minimization of analog circuit, low power consumption design and digital circuit by FPGA

  • Solving heat problem
  • Four-hour battery operation
  • Compact and Lightweight

FFT operation speed for about 1 ms per screen (1 024 points)

  • Achieved by a digital signal processing circuit and DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

The simultaneous development of the five models according to frequency bands and applications.

  • Reduction of development cost
  • Expansion of application

Low price

  • JPY 748,000 to 1,300,000 (5 models)
  • Competitor (Sweep + Real time model) → Bench top (Handheld doesn’t exist.
    • Rohde & Schwarz : FSVR7 JPY 6,473,000
    • Agilent : N9030A PXA+RT1 JPY 5,858,000

Sweep system and Real time system

  • Sweep system

    Graph:Sweep system

    If a spectrum doesn’t exist the moment RBW filter c omes to a position because the spectra change, that spectrum won’t be observed like the red dotted line of the above figure.

    Therefore, the sweep system basically treats a sign al that spectrum does not change with time. → This is called “steady signal”.

  • Real time system

    Graph:Real time system

    Since the filters equal to the frequency resolution are arranged in parallel, the signal in a certain period is processed at the same time.

    The spectra won’t be missed at all even if those change with time.

    Any “unsteady signal” such as modulation signal can be treate

Strong and weak points of real time system and sweep system

Real time system

  • Strong points
    1. The spectrum analysis of unsteady signal such as bu rst signal and noise is available.
    2. The time domain analysis such as power vs. time, frequency vs. time, phase vs. time, IQ vs. time an d Q vs. I is available.
    3. Since the trigger function is substantial, the spectrum which rarely occurs can be also captured certainly.
    4. Compared with OverWrite function in sweep mode, the spectra which are missed are much less. Especially , any spectrum isn’t missed in the span narrower than 200kHz.
    5. How frequency and power of spectrum change over time can be observed in spectrogram analysis.
    6. Since the measured data is separated into I and Q d ata, modulation analysis of complicated signals such as phase modulation is possible.
    7. The frequency accuracy is very high as ±0.5ppm±1 do t at all points of screen.
  • Weak point
    1. The maximum frequency span is as narrow as 20MHz.

Sweep system

  • Strong points
    1. The wide frequency range can be observed at a glanc e because the wide frequency span can be set.
    2. The tracking generator can be equipped.
    3. The EMI measurement conforming to the standard is possible.
    4. Since the sweep mode is a system of the conventional spectrum analyzer, users are familiar with it and applications are also abundant.
  • Weak points
    1. It is difficult to observe an unsteady signal, and even when it can be observed by using a MaxHold, it tak es time to measure.
    2. The analysis in time domain is only at the zero spa n mode.
    3. The modulation analysis is impossible.
    4. The frequency accuracy on the screen is inferior compared to real time mode.

Applications of real time system

  • Application1

    Smart meter [ 920MHz, FSK modulation ]

    Frequency vs Time (upper), Spectrogram (lower)

  • Application2

    ETC/DSRC [5795MHz,π/4QPSK modulation]

    Phase vs Time (upper), Spectrogram (lower)


Products introduction

Handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series

With Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and conventional sweep systems, each strong point of both systems is usable.

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