[Discontinued Product]
VSWR Bridge MVS300B

Return loss of electronic parts or circuit can be measured.

  • Frequency range: 5 to 3000MHz
  • Directivity: more than 40dB
  • Internal 50Ω reference
  • Maximum input power: 1.0W
  • The frequency characteristics of VSWR can be easily observed by using Spectrum analyzer with TG MSA438/538TG.


Frequency range 5 to 3000MHz
  • more than 40dB@50 to 3000MHz
  • more than 25dB@5 to 50MHz
Return loss
  • more than 20dB@SOURCE port
  • more than 25dB@DUT port
  • more than 10dB@REFLECTED port
Insertion loss
  • less than 7dB@SOURCE to DUT
  • less than 8dB@DUT to REFLECTED
Open/short ratio within ±1dB
Connectors SMA(J) (for any port)
Maximm input power 1.5W@CW
※Don’t supply DC voltage to any port.
Operating temperature -10 to 85℃(Guaranteed at 10 to 50℃)
Operating humidity less than 85℃/80%RH(Guaranteed at less than 50℃/80%)
Storage temperature -55 to 125℃, less than 125℃/70%RH
Dimensions 50(W)×32(H)×113(D)mm (exclude projections and rubber foot)
Weight approx. 240g
Standard accessory Operating manual
  • SMA(P)/SMA(P) Coaxial cable (50cm) MC301
  • SMA(P)/SMA(P) Coaxial cable (1m)  MC302
  • SMA(P)/SMA(P) Coaxial cable (1.5m) MC303
  • SMA(P)/N(P) Coaxial cable (20cm) MC305
  • SMA(P)/BNC(P) Coaxial cable (20cm) MC307