Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Special Type ME8669

Available for measurement at low frequency band from 50 to 800MHz. Optimum for wireless system test for technical standard, receiving sensitivity test and EMC test.


Outside Dimensions(approx.)915(W)×650(H)×585(D)mm (excluding projections)
Inside Dimensions(approx.)810(W)×506(H)×506(D) mm
StructureDouble structure composed of radio wave absorber,
stainless steel (hairline finish)
Shielding Characteristics(typ)70dB typ@300MHz
Reflection lossmore than 20dB@50MHz to 800MHz
ConnectorsSMA 2pcs (Left and right sides x each 1)
I/FD-sub 25pins x1

About radio wave absorber

Radio wave absorber Ferrite①

Frequency range : 50MHz to 800MHz

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Capable of changing or adding size, connector or function from / to above standard specifications.

  • Table for DUT
  • Turntable
  • Receiving antenna (Selection of optimum antenna suited for DUT)
  • Reference antenna (Selection of optimum antenna suited for DUT)
  • Door
  • Adding RF connectors
  • Adding multi pins connector
  • Changing size
  • Changing shape
  • Selection of radio wave absorber
  • Others


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