DSRC ASK+QPSK ETC Inspection System For OBE Production ME9000

ETC/DSRC inspection system equipping with QPSK and ASK modulation. ETC/DSRC related products.

  • Equipping with QPSK and ASK.
  • It is an indispensable test system for OBE production line and development fuse.
  • It is possible to build a system by selecting necessary items from abundant test items.
  • A low-priced system.


Based on ARIB STD-T75 and ARIB TR-T16.

Equipped with two modulations of ASK and QPSK.

Supports Profile 9 to 12 in ARIB STD-T75.

It is especially important for OBE equipped with both of ASK and QPSK modulation to be able to be tested on the condition of Profile 11.

Basic operation test, Dynamic motion test and Wireless system test can be performed.

Wireless system test

Modulation factor (ASK), modulation accuracy (QPSK), receiving sensitivity and opening eye ratio (ASK) measurement can be performed in wireless system test besides seven test items (excluding "signal transmission speed") relating to the technical regulations conformity certification stipulated in the radio law.

PC software MAS960

It is used to control this ME9000 system.

The amplitude level calibration and the self-check of a system can be performed.


Applicable test items

The arbitrary items from ① to ⑦ in the table below can be selected, and they can be brought together as one system.
For instance, ① and ② are selected in the initial development phase and ① , ② , ③ and ⑦ are selected in the production line.
The test can be done by both of the air connection and the coaxial connection.
In the test by the air connection, the shield box ME8661A equipped with a transmission antenna and a receiving antenna is needed.
Moreover, the personal computer and the PC software MAS960 are necessary at all the test items.

Test item Contents
①Basic operation test Protocol test
  • Communication
  • Execute <2-1-1> to <2-1-22> of ARIB TR-T16
profile test
  • Execute profile 9 to 12
②Dynamic motion test  
  • Execute <2-2-1> to <2-2-3> of ARIB TR-T16
  • MAT800 and average power meter are used.
③Wireless system test
(items relating to TRCC)
Antenna power
  • Measured by Spectrum analyzer.
  • The carrier frequency is measured by a frequency counter function of Spectrum analyzer.
  • The signal transmission rate can not be measured.
  • The calibration is done by MAT800 and average power meter.
Carrier frequency
Occupied bandwidth
Carrier off leakage power
Adjacent channel power
Spurious radiation strength
Radio wave strength emitted subordenately
Wireless system test
(items relating to TRCC)
④Modulation factor
  • Only ASK.
  • MMD850 and digital oscilloscope are used.
⑤Modulation accuracy
  • Only QPSK.
  • Spectrum analyzer with modulation accuracy measurement function is used.
⑥Receiving sensitivity
  • Through the sequence in which ME9010 transmits FCMC and receives ACTC correctly, the minimum transmission level is measured.
  • MAT800 and average power meter are used.
⑦Opening eye ratio
  • Only ASK.
  • MMD850 and digital oscilloscope are used.