Micronix provide electronic measuring instruments and high frequency related equipment.

Company Profile

President Katsuaki Tanaka
Nearby station
  • JR Yokohama line / Hachioji-minamino station : 15 min. by walk
  • Keio Teito Electric Railway Takao line / Mejirodai station : 5 min. by bus and 7 min. by walk
  • Keio Teito Electric Railway Takao line / Yamada station : 15 min. by walk
TEL +81-42-637-3667
FAX +81-42-637-0227

Business day calendar

MICRONIX’s History

  • 1985.12
    Started business of the entrusted development in Hachioji, Tokyo.
  • 1986.1
    Micronix Corporation was established.
    Head office: 10-18, Seishin 3-chome, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken
    Hachioji office: Midoricho Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
  • 1986.11
    Relocated Hachioji office to the present place to expand the business.
  • 1989. 4
    Digital oscilloscope COM3000, which was the entrusted development for Kikusui Electronics Corp, won the 「Grand Prize of Good Design Award」 in the industrial equipment section in 1988.
  • 1990. 2
    The capital was increased to ¥30million.
  • 1990. 3
    The second building was completed.
  • 1992. 5
    Time interval analyzer MC2500 was developed owing to “1991’s Subsidy for Small and Midium-sized Enterprise by Tokyo government to develop new product and new technology” and announced as the first product with the Micronix brand.
  • 1993. 5
    Peak level analyzer MP1500 was developed owing to “1992’s Subsidy for Small and Midium-sized enterprise by Tokyo government to develop new product and new technology” and announced as the third product with the Micronix brand.
  • 1994. 3
    Hybrid system MHS500 series was launched.
  • 1997. 5
    The third building was completed.
  • 1998. 8
    Handheld digital oscilloscope MDS202 was launched.
  • 1999. 1
    ETC automatic inspection system ME8500 was launched.
  • 1999. 5
    “The development of small size & wide bandwidth RF Spectrum Analyzer” was selected to “Technological research & investigation enterprise in 2000” by SMRJ.
  • 2000. 8
    The development of small size & wide bandwidth RF Spectrum Analyzer” was selected to “Technological research & investigation enterprise in 2000” by SMRJ.
  • 2000.10
    ETC tester ME8800 won “Venture Technology Grand Prize of Tokyo”
  • 2000.10
    ETC tester ME8800 won “Venture Technology Grand Prize of Tokyo”
  • 2002. 3
    Handheld 3.3GHz spectrum analyzer MSA338 was launched.
  • 2002.10
    Handheld 3.3 GHz spectrum analyzer MSA338 won “Good Design Award”.
  • 2003. 7
    Handheld 3.3 GHz spectrum analyzer won “First Grand Prize for courageous management” from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 2004. 8
    Temperature/Humidity Controlled Chamber MTH861/865 was launched.
  • 2005. 1
    Handheld spectrum analyzer for EMI test was launched.
  • 2005. 6
    The distributors were established in UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • 2005. 7
    DSRC Communication Unit ME8815 was launched.
  • 2005. 9
    EMI test system MR2300 was launched.
  • 2006. 5
    ETC OBE tester ME8800E was launched.
  • 2006. 5
    ETC/DSRC RSU simulator ME9010 and ETC/DSRC inspection system ME9000 with QPSK/ASK modulation was launched.
  • 2006. 9
    Separation type of electromagnetic anechoic box for EMI test MY5310S was launched.
  • 2007. 3
    Handheld 3.3GHz spectrum analyzer with TG MSA338TG was launched.
    Three types of electromagnetic anechoic box “Taurus series” was launched.
  • 2007. 6
    Won a prize in 2007 for top 300 excellent small makers from Japanese government [METI].
  • 2007.10
    VSWR bridge MVS300 was launched.
  • 2007.12
    The shield box “Taurus series” without radio wave absorber was launched.
    EMS test system MR2350 was launched.
  • 2008. 5
    Handheld spectrum analyzer MSA400 series was launched.
  • 2012. 4
    DSRC OBE tester ME9100 was launched.
  • 2012.11
    Two models of low noise amplifiers MAP301/302 were launched.
  • 2013. 5
    Handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series was launched.

Business contents

  1. Testing and measuring instruments
    • Handy type spectrum analyzer,Signal analyzer
    • High-speed programmable attenuator
    • Signal generator
    • Measuring system etc.
  2. Information and communication equipments
    • ETC/DSRC inspection system etc.
  3. Environment-related equipments
    • EMC test system
    • Anechoic box


MICRONIX’s Future plan

Persistent challenge to advanced technology

Testing and measuring instrument

Recently, our resource of R & D is being concentrated on the microwave band products. The lineup of the Handheld spectrum analyzer, which is one of the most important products, will be enhanced more and more in the future. As a result, we will focus on the top share in the world. Regarding a high-speed programmable attenuator, we will focus on the low price and the increase in the number of models.

Information and communication equipment

We will concentrate on the development of the products related to ITS. The ETC/DSRC inspection system has a 95 percent or more share of the market in Japan. Therefore, we will develop the products related to DSRC, which can be used in many applications, for a while.
  • ITS:Intelligent Transport Systems
  • ETC:Electronic Toll Collection System
  • DSRC:Dedicated Short Range Communications

Environment-related equipment

Regarding the electromagnetic wave environment, we will focus our development on EMC test system and Anechoic box, and respond to the customers’ requests.

Domestic business

Distributors’ network covering the whole of Japan

The 15 of distributors (140 branches) cover the whole area from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Overseas business

Expanding sales network to the world

We are strengthening the overseas sales by establishing the 17 of distributors in each region such as America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

North, Central and South America B&K Precision Corporation
Trek Equipment
Denkei Corporation Americas
Miko-kings Instruments
Taiwan Burgeon Instrument Co., Ltd.
ND Korea Co.,Ltd.
Southeast Asia Meguro Electronics Pte., Ltd.
Measuretronix, Ltd.
Nihon Denkei (Thailand)
Nihon Denkei Philippines
Nihon Denkei Co.,Ltd.
Nihon Denkei Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.
Oceania Vicom Australia Pty Limited
Southwest Asia Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Nihon Denkei India Pvt. Ltd.
Shany-Tech Ltd.
Quantel Pte Ltd.
Europe F.I.Science
Ferner Elektronic AB
Universal Electronik Import Ges.m.b.H
Instrumentos de Medida, S.L.
Clever Technology

US Distributor Wanted

We are looking for the US distributor in the North American market on the following conditions.


Place of applicants USA
Territory USA and Canada
Handling products All products excepting a part of spectrum analyzers
(excepting MSA438, 458, 438TG, 538, 558 and 538TG)
Knowledge& Skill The distributor should have knowledge and skill to sell the following products and be familiar with wireless communication field.
  1. Spectrum analyzer
  2. Electromagnetic anechoic box
  3. EMC test system
  4. Variable attenuator
  5. Signal generator
Service Such services as repair and maintenance of the products should be basically performed by the distributor.
However, we shall furnish the distributor technical information and materials for service including circuit diagrams, trouble shooting chart, adjustment & inspection procedure manual, block diagram, parts list and specification sheet in English without charge.
Product stock No need.

Katsuaki Tanaka / President